Antlers or Wings?

The Great Winged Moose or the Great Antlered Bird? Either way, you wouldn’t want to cross paths with this Magnificent Beast! It may look sweet, but this monster is most definitely a carnivore. A Predatory Haiku: By light of the moon The teeny monsters cower ‘Neath my antler-wings.

Sea of Monsters

I found this video through Listicles – one of my new fave websites. It’s a compilation of lists – any kind of list you can think of. Lists of 120 flavors of KitKat Bars (Muscat?), lists of pun tattoos, lists of illustrations of pneumatic trains? That’s just been posted within the last week. I could … More Sea of Monsters

Mothers Matter

There’s always a good reason to give. Thankfully, I have my beloved Plushteam to remind me of this. This month’s team project has been to donate plush to the Mothers Matter Project, a part of the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation. The foundation assembles and distributes tons of baskets of necessary items to Mothers in hospitals, … More Mothers Matter


I can’t tell you how many times people have seen my Spawn pieces and assumed they were teeth – crazy, misshapen, often demonic teeth, but teeth nonetheless. I’m all about letting people see what they want to see in my artwork – every individual experiences the world differently, and that’s just their way of connecting … More Incisive.

Rain Dance

I need to shake things up. I don’t think I’ve picked up a needle and thread in . . . weeks. That hasn’t happened for the past 2 and a half years. What’s up with that? The longer I avoid my sewing table, the harder it gets to even contemplate approaching it again. I need … More Rain Dance

Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to a fellow Plushteamer, friend, and a real Plush Maven – Felicia of FluffyFlowers fame! She is the proud owner of one of my mini maggots, and as her creativity knows no bounds, she has concocted a heartwarming little story about him! The super-crrepy-and-amazingly-awesome monster plush is from JunkerJane. I know … More Shout Out!