A Good Thrushing.

Well, Autumn is jut around the corner, and to celebrate, I present . . . the harbinger of Spring?!? The Red-Breasted Robin. I believe I have perfected my bird design by tweaking the wings just a bit from my recent canary. These are smaller and softer, without any stuffing in them so they bend, flap, … More A Good Thrushing.


Well, the winner of the final haiku contest of 2009 is . . . Merlin! With this haiku: My red, bloodshot eyes Tell the tale of my sleepless, blue eternity. Congratulations, and well done, all! Now take a look at the slimy, slithering little monster I’ve concocted: Just another juicy treat available in my Etsy … More Slithery


The Early Bird – a Fuzzy Canary with a heart full of love! Complete with awesome earthworm applique. I am totally going through an applique phase. Cute. Simple. You can buy it in my Etsy shop! An Avian Haiku: Just after breakfast I ruffled my feathers and Found I was molting! Don’t forget you have … More Cheep!

Field Trip.

I spent this past Labor Day weekend visiting friends in Ann Arbor, and I was lucky enough to spend a day in nearby Detroit, touring what is left of the city. Having grown up in Cleveland, I was a bit flippant about the day trip. “I know everyone says Detroit is a rough place to … More Field Trip.

Ghoulish and Ghastly

Well, I’ve been thinking. The Holiday Season fast approaches, and I am making an effort to be in as many sales, markets, and craft shows as possible in the upcoming months – which is a great thing! Unfortunately, that means I will be discontinuing the monthly haiku contest until January of 2010. (Wow, 2010 already!) … More Ghoulish and Ghastly