No, not Xylophone. . .

Xylophobe! Intense fear of wooden objects. What a sweet face! He may be a scaredy cat, but he’s still smiling! And on the back . . . Ah! So Scary. A Grainy Haiku: It’s easy to tell How many years I’ve been here. I don’t keep secrets!


And here’s another new keychain design – the Igloo. A happy little ice hut – full of love! An Icy Haiku: Come into my hut – We can eat some fish, straight from A hole in the floor!

They’re Here

Finally! Yes, Mom. Keychains! Or cell phone charms. She’s been telling me to make these for years. I’ve decided to follow her advice for the upcoming show in Cleveland. These are just some preliminary prototypes I’ve whipped up before I begin the mass-production. What do you think? Here we have a ravioli, a maggot, and … More They’re Here

Rainy Day Blues

This is the Ombrophobe. He may look a bit gloomy, but that is only because he has an intense fear of the rain. Every time it rains his horns get completely soaked, and his little tail drags in the mud. It makes him sad. Perhaps you’re feeling a little down? A little blue? This little … More Rainy Day Blues


What? You didn’t think innocent plush could be scandalous? Think again! Etsy is abuzz today with talk of this article about the Plushteam’s Breast Cancer Awareness challenge. Some people are of the opinion that plush boobies are mature content and unsuitable for the general public. I’d heartily disagree, but then again, I myself am a … More Scandal!


I have just finished up a custom request from an Etsy-er, and now I’ll be diving back into building up inventory for my upcoming show in Cleveland. Here’s the custom piece – a very happy, smiling corn on the cob. Everyone just loves food with faces!