Special Delivery

On a whim I decided to send some mail to a stranger. Real authentic pen-in-hand-paper-on-the-table mail. It felt good. Thanks to the people over at the Invisible Creature Blog, who inspired me to do something I had never done before. The challenge: send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to them and get something (what? I don’t know!) back. … More Special Delivery


This month’s Plush Team Challenge is to create something inspired by Las Vegas. So naturally, I thought of lobster. It’s pretty obvious I’ve never been Las Vegas. I thought to myself, people eat lobster in fancy restaurants in Las Vegas, don’t they? So, just to be sure, I googled it and found this disturbing phenomenon. … More Cannibals!

Another Fuzzy Face

Here’s another new monster who will be up in my shop soon. In other news, you can check me out here and here. Word is spreading! Did I mention that Romeo DanceCheetah has been crowned the air guitar champion of the United States of America? That’s right folks, the costume I worked so hard on … More Another Fuzzy Face


Every once in a while I see a firefly flitting about this city. Chicago is not amenable to the intricate mating ritual these bugs enjoy. There’s simply not enough grass. But now, thanks to the miracle of plush, Chicago never has to suffer from a lightning bug shortage again. Pick yours up today! An Intermittent … More Trapped.