Halloween in June

Michael Myers (not to be confused with Mike Myers) This little guy is a super freaky, knife-wielding, psycho killer and stalker of Jamie Lee Curtis. A Deadly Haiku: On Hallowed evenings, I will lurk with sharp objects Outside your window.

If I Had a Hammer

Now, I must confess, I did not see this move. I heard it wasn’t so great, and I was too busy trying to see Fast Five, unsuccessfully (it was sold out twice when I tried to go see it . . . by myself. That is both embarrassing and true.). Regardless, Thor has been a … More If I Had a Hammer

Sad Face

Clowns are horrible. They scare us all. And yet, they are everywhere . . . making small children cry, luring them into sewers with subterranean balloons and then chewing their faces off with their fangs. (Thank, you Stephen King. I was way too young when I saw that movie!) So, in honor of the Plush … More Sad Face