Plushy Love from Coast to Coast

(Before I begin I want to cover a few fine points: 1. Although I think little plush weapons are extremely adorable, I do not condone warfare. Wielding a real life plank and nail with the intent to impale someone with it is NOT COOL. 2. I know that Pterodactyl is a hard word to spell. … More Plushy Love from Coast to Coast

It’s a . . . !

I’ve done it! I’ve toiled, hunched over in my lab-o-ratory, much like Dr. Frankenstein, and here is the newest member of the pack: Awwwwwww! He’s still such a baby. Here’s a shot with Mom: The Plank and Nail Baby! This will be my first item for sale to the masses. (They’ll be in my Etsy … More It’s a . . . !


Welcome to my fledgling blog! I am a blogger! And a crafty person. This will soon be the home of all my weird and wonderful handmade (and unique) plush creatures. Check back to meet them all, read their stories, and decide which is your favorite. (They’ll be for sale soon, as well.) It’s been an … More Charmed!