Spellers of the world, what would I do without you? It’s a wattle! Sorry it’s taken me so long, I haven’t had much time for sewing lately. This is a sneak peak at what I’m working on. All I have left to decide on is the mouth/teeth/beak? Who knows what sort of twisted hybrid this … More W-a-t-t-l-e

You forgot the pants!

Hello! Here’s a quick post to say I am working away in my crafty corner of the living room, preparing something sensational to dazzle your senses. I’ve been doing some tentacle explorations lately, which is often frustrating. Tentacles are hard! Hard to turn inside out and hard to stuff. Oy. In the meantime, here is … More You forgot the pants!


Here are some tidbits: A Fuzzybottom in blueberry, for Cassie’s 25th. I made one in plaid also (for Christine’s 21st) but I accidentally erased all the pictures I took! And a new maggot, for you lovers of pestilence and gross stuff! The chocolate maggot, in three delicious shades of chocolatey brown. A Scrumptious Maggot Haiku: … More Smorgasbord

The Manx

The Manx is a funny looking creature! A semi-rotund, tailless cat. This is my interpretation, commissioned by a friend and lover of manxes. I hope I did it justice. Kind of resembles an Ork (of Lord of the Rings fame), doesn’t it? Adorable, nonetheless. This is my backyard. (Although “yard” may be a stretch) And … More The Manx

Vapor and Whim-Wham

Maggots! I think I have perfected the design. Fuzzy, adorable, and good for a snuggle. And of course . . . The belly: The booty! A Perfect Maggot Haiku: I splash in puddles, And when I start to feel clean, I roll in the mud! A Mother’s Day Maggot thrown in for good measure.


Just playing around with colors and patterns. You’ll find these two in my shop. I like this picture a lot. Looks real, no? I’ve fully stocked my store with everything I have available to sell at the moment. Now that the work is out of the way, I am going to start experimenting again with … More Fruity

Fuzzybottom the 2nd

Another enthusiastic member of the fuzzybottom family. Now for sale in my Etsy Shop! A Fuzzy-Bottomed Haiku: Let’s have a picnic. We can smell the wildflowers And play duck-duck-goose!