My first Pterodactyl: From humble beginnings . . . An Airborn Haiku: The dinosaur of dinosaurs. The king of kings. I control the skies.

The End is Nigh!

I know, I’m late. Here’s a fiery new guy in honor of the apocalypse that never was. You can find this Fireball for sale in my shop. Happy end of the world, everyone! An Incendiary Haiku: I may look cuddly, But upon first touch you’ll find I’m quite picante!


New guys! Meet the Floatees. Each comes with its own life jacket. You know, just in case. A Bouyant Haiku My hugs are puffy, and a bit overzealous. So let’s take the plunge!


This tiny Polar Bear spends all day staring out the window. He has ordered something on the world-wide inter-webs, and it is taking forever to arrive! What could it be, you ask? We shall see . . .

Fresh Baked

Where have I been? I’ve taken a break from my purely creative pursuits to give the people what they want. Plush, al dente, made-to-order. A fuzzy peach. A Cubicorn (throwback!)  And of course, the classic and much-loved corn on the cob. The people have spoken! I hope to be back soon with some brand new … More Fresh Baked

Extended Release

These guys are headed to the Super Button Mashers: A gamer tribute @ OhNo!Arcade: A video game theme carnival of crazy! opening February 11th, 2012. I am a die-hard Dr. Mario fan, and, dare I say, expert? An Antimicrobial Haiku: Viruses and Germs Will pound the floors with their fists. I make them explode.

Rein Drop

Get it? My ring is there for size reference. Naturally, the Rein Drop is very small. With a fluffy white tail. Did you know that reindeer (or Caribou) belong to the only species of deer in which the females grow antlers, too, and not only the males? Rock on, lady reindeer! A Wintry Haiku: On … More Rein Drop