The Escape

Sometimes it is impossible to keep things in. Even if your mouth has been stitched closed. This one is just overflowing with love – it all just spilled out and bubbled up into the atmosphere. I feel really strongly about this piece. I’ve been down in a plush slump for a few weeks now, and … More The Escape

Flap. Flutter. Flap.

The Ornithopter. Ok, this one doesn’t fly. I actually sketched this bird over a year ago. Suddenly, in the middle of my week-long-slump I had the overpowering urge to try it out. It was a quick project, and pretty simple. But . . . It’s a finger-puppet! Fun! A Manipulative Haiku: Perched on your finger … More Flap. Flutter. Flap.

Getting Windy

A big Thanks to Christine Renee of re-conceived for including me in her fantastic new website – ChicagoCrafty. It is a comprehensive guide to all things crafty in the Windy City. How exciting! I’ve admired Christine from afar for a long time – she’s a fellow seller at Depart-Ment with a penchant for Zombie lore.  … More Getting Windy


A big Thank You to Heather of Dream Bird Designs for summing up exactly how I’ve felt this past week.  And for featuring that Crazy Ungulate! Remember him?

The Forest.

It’s a plush-of-sorts. Actually, it’s a pillow. But I made it myself! I bought some luscious Marimekko fabric to spruce up my new couch. Check it out: My love affair with Marimekko started a very young age, thanks to my parents who kept us amply supplied with dishware, place settings, and awesome mugs boasting the … More The Forest.

Put Up Your Dukes!

The results are in! The winner of the Pugilist is . . . Lauri! A fellow lover of all things craft. With this gem: I’m green and I’m square. Piercing blue eyes, how they stare. Big fists, got a pair. Thanks to everyone who Haiku-ed! I always love to see what you guys come up … More Put Up Your Dukes!

More? Yes!

I am still a crazy Maggot-Lady. A year after making my first maggot, I still can not stop! Here are two new ones: I Heart Maggots in purple Maggots Gone Green. Leafy Green. I attempted a Fiery Maggot, but alas, it was not meant to be. I will attempt it again soon. I have shipped … More More? Yes!