Maggots on Benches

Months ago I sent my Mini Walrus Maggot over to the folks at the Toy Society in Australia. Since then their project has blown up into a huge global plush-dropping operation! It’s so fun to read the notes from the unsuspecting people that find these randomly placed plush.  So the Mini Walrus Maggot waits for … More Maggots on Benches


“Aeroplankton (or aerial plankton) is the term used to describe the tiny lifeforms which float and drift in the air, carried by the current of the wind; it is the atmospheric analogue to oceanic plankton.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) You know what falls into this category? Aphids! A distant cousin of the Rodamaur. Facing such formidable body … More Aeroplankton


Here’s a mug Edvard Munch could be proud of! The Screamer. The second in the series. I am thinking about submitting it to Mortal Plush: I am Not Your Toy show, but I have not yet decided. The show calls for plush conveying strong emotion, and this one certainly does. I’m also considering sending my … More Emotion

A Little Husky

My Carrot has inspired me to create more veggies. Corn on the Cob Check out the detail I put into the individual kernels. That took some time! And, it’s a set! The corn can be easily shucked for realistic corny fun! A Gritty Haiku: The perfect food, my Versatility astounds. You can call me Maize.

Dermal Denticles

And I’m back. Meet the Shark. An experiment in 3-dimensionality with hilarious results. Dermal denticles are the scales the make up a shark’s skin. A Fishy Haiku: In the ocean’s depths, Seaweed snags constantly on My gigantic teeth!


Thanks to all who haiku-ed it up for this month’s contest. The (randomly chosen) winner is . . . Dot with her side-tickling lines: Orange and Fluffy Not so yum in my tummy They say, “What’s Up Doc?” Congratulations! Stay tuned for new projects from me. I’m finishing up some custom orders, and then I’m … More Veggie-kus


I got to work this morning and looked at the calendar when I realized, “I missed Haiku Contest Day!” I’m outraged at myself. So sorry, all you plush and haiku lovers out there. To make it up to you, a day late, here is this month’s spectacular and nutritious plush up for grabs in the … More Carotenoderma

The Bury

Let’s hear it for collective nouns! A group of rabbits is called a bury? Who knew? Here’s my latest. I think I may be done with rabbits for now.

April Showers

Bring May Flowers. Here’s a bunny who’s ready for Spring! I’m ready for Spring, too. What do you think? Do you like the floral motif? This one has a tail – I think it’s an improvement. The fabric for this bunny was a sheet I salvaged from the thrift store. There’s still so much sheet … More April Showers