It’s Official

Inspector #1 and Inspector #2 Do you need anything inspected? A Bureaucratic Haiku: Hand me my Clipboard. An important fact must not Go unrecorded.

Forkin’ Awesome!

Pitchfork was a great success! It was ungodly hot, as usual, and the music was excellent, as usual, and the plush leapt from my hands like red-hot coals. It was beautiful. I’ve never seen so many umbrellas on such a sunny day. (all the photos are taken by me – click to view larger size) … More Forkin’ Awesome!

All Together Now

You think this is exciting?!?! I’ve got SO MANY more new designs to show you all! Hopefully I get some time to snap photos this week amidst all the preparations. Pitchfork is a mere 4 days away . . . do you have your tickets?

I Dub Thee

A Deputy Also available at Pitchfork, which is happening NEXT WEEKEND! My, how time flies when you have lots of work to do to prepare for something. Here’s the haiku from my original deputy post from three years ago. I was such a novice back then! I’ve really come a long way in my sewing, … More I Dub Thee