Gargle. Glub. Gooble.

That’s the sound that this cosmonaut makes when it’s floating through the water! That’s right, this pirate of the cosmosphere is also an ocean dweller. Its glowing orange eyes let it see into the darkest depths of the ocean! An Appetizingly Aerodynamic Haiku: I drift all day long Through tepid ocean currents. Then something eats … More Gargle. Glub. Gooble.

Feeling Down?

Cheer up! With a little help from this guy. Introducing the Better-than-a-Boyfriend Bot! He’s always there . . . because he can’t move. Here’s his control panel – all of his dials and buttons to be pushed and programmed! The Robotic Haiku: Manipulate me! I will never run away. I rather like it. So much … More Feeling Down?

The Grand Marnier

The Grand Marnier – of ancient royal descent! He’s been motorcaded to Oregon as a special birthday surprise for my big sister. That’s his fuzzy belly, but it kinda looks like he’s vomiting fur.  Awesome! Some might ask – why the Grand Marnier? You don’t see the resemblance? I do! Here’s the back: A Royal … More The Grand Marnier


Here are the full-body shots of the creepy Mummy Maggot. All of the wrappings are completely secure, but they look like they could just unravel at any moment, don’t they? Those eyes! They pierce the soul! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Boo! Ah!

Well, I’ve been feeling quite Halloweeny. I almost finished a giant bag of candy corn today. Single-handedly. Here’s my Mummy Maggot, which I have made for the latest Plush Team challenge. This one was so much fun! I’ll post more pictures when I can get some good ones. This one is extremely difficult to photograph! … More Boo! Ah!

Spoon it up!

Here is my post-Renegade plush therapy. The Spoon It’s just a spoon. Simple. Cute. Soothing. Spoon. This in on the back of the handle. A Smiling Spoon Haiku: I plunge into the Pudding, all oscillating And undulating!

Instant Replay

Renegade was an official success, despite any snags we met along the way. The rain finally stopped Sunday afternoon, and the Plush Team tent was hopping! Here’s my dining room table after I got home tonight. They look tired after a long weekend of work, don’t they? I did make a few sales, and a … More Instant Replay

T-3 Days and Counting

The Cyclops-o-Naut! Just another tasty treat from PterodactylPants Plush that will be available for purchase this weekend at Renegade. A Myopic Haiku: The Earth may seem big, But in the blink of an eye, It all disappears!