Happy New Year all over again! Please accept my submission to the  most recent Plushteam Challenge. I call this piece The Resolution: Be Nicer to People Here we see this little monster having just learned a valuable lesson – it doesn’t feel good to be mean to others! Chopping your friends up with a little … More Resolved.

Pterodactyl Mafia

I stumbled across this the other day, and of course my interest was piqued.  Pterodactyl Puke In the creator’s words, his blog consists of “Fine commentary on life, politics, current events, sports, movies, books, and pop culture – offered in a single projectile”.  I mention it because I am amused that someone else has chosen … More Pterodactyl Mafia

Mistakes Made Marvelous

Every two months the Plush Team issues a challenge to its members – to stretch the imagination and create something exciting and new, based on a specific theme. You may remember such classic plush team challenge entries from the past as the Crystal Ball, the Mummy Maggot, and the Walrus. The January/February team challenge should … More Mistakes Made Marvelous


Congratulations to everyone who participated in this month’s haiku contest – it was a historical turnout! I’m proud of all of you – the caliber of haiku was impressive. And the winner is . . . Hayley! With this contribution: waiting for the rain a wobble to the window i must puddle jump Send me … More Hooray!


As in, the clock is ticking on this most excellent Haiku Contest! Here is a little taste of the Pink Puddle Jumper before she was. Get those haikus in now! You have until Monday night, January 12th, 7 pm Central time. Good lucK!

Haiku It!

Ok, people. We need to rally and make this the best turnout for the monthly Haiku Contest EVER. Tell your friends! Meet the Pink Puddle Jumper: She’s pink, and she has huge feet, and no arms to speak of. Puddle jumping is her divine calling! I know it’s a little girly – but even if … More Haiku It!

Happy 2009!

Here are my New Years Crafty Resolutions: 1. Find innovative ways to use up my growing piles of fleece scraps. I tried to do this today by making this: It’s just a yellow ball stuffed with fleece scraps instead of the usual polyfil. It’s not satisfyingly squishable, like my other plushies are. Also, I think … More Happy 2009!