I Heart Maggots!

Don’t we all feel that way? Here’s a beautiful variation on a PterodactylPants classic design. A bit early for Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing like a maggot to spread the love around. A Lovely Haiku: I’m worming my way Into your affections and Your pulsating heart. Look at all that painstaking detail work! It took … More I Heart Maggots!

The Hurdy Gurdy Man

It started with the word “calliope” – which is a word I like to say. The word itself was screaming for me to make a plush of it. I thought to myself, “What does a calliope even look like?” After some research, my initial idea started bouncing around with terms like organ grinder, street organ, … More The Hurdy Gurdy Man

The End of the Tunnel

Here we are the end of the journey. One more piece to go before holiday vacation! Here’s the complete pod: And a new variation on the classic Fuzzybottom – both baby friendly and able to stand up all by itself! Stay tuned for all new PterodactylPants! Happy Holidays!

The Pod

I’ve been so busy for the past few weeks – holiday parties, birthday parties, eating chocolate, digging my car out of snowdrifts, and more! I haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like, and I’ve definitely not had any time for new designs. But all the holiday hubbub will die down this week – and … More The Pod


The Plush team is doing a swap this month, and it’s so exciting! It’s the first swap I’ve ever done, and it’s all quite secretive. One lucky member of the team will be receiving this special creature on their doorstep in a matter of days . . . but I can’t tell you who! (It’s … More Swaps!

Just in Time!

You know what day it is? Haiku Contest Day! Yessssss! Meet the newest PterodactylPants creature: You need to really concentrate on this one to see the true essence. It’s a chromosom-o-naut! (I know – it looks nothing like a chromosome.) It’s two cosmonauts fused together at the head. Look at those three crazed eyeballs! You … More Just in Time!