The Nightshade Family

Doesn’t that sound like a mysterious family from a Gothic novel? That’s actually the name for the family of plants that the potato comes from. And who doesn’t love the potato? Last week, at the Pitchfork show, I had the pleasure of meeting the Potato Guy, aka Eric. (To be fair, I told him I … More The Nightshade Family


Behold – the majestic and deadly volcano! I have known I wanted to plush a volcano for quite some time. It involved a lot of sewing, but I am overjoyed at how it came out! I picked Krakatoa because all sources cited it as the deadliest in history. Also, it’s a great word to say. … More Krakatoa

Put Your Hands Up!

There’s a story behind this guy. The Deputy. I made a version of this months ago, on a whim, and decided that I hated it! I thought it looked silly. (Admittedly, it was much less cool than the new version you see here.) I don’t have any pictures of it. I did, however, take it … More Put Your Hands Up!


Ha! Friday setup is complete. Here is a look at the PterodactylPants section of Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival Depart-Ment craft show and sale. (That’s a mouthful!) Items range from $10 to $50, and I honestly have NO IDEA if anything will sell! I am boggled, though, at the prospect of over 10,000 people coming through … More Depart-MENTAL

Blast Off!

Introducing . . . the Cosmonauts! ta-da! These are really fun for me to make. They’ll be for sale at the Pitchfork Music Festival next month. Rear view. Kind of like a starburst! Side view. An Aerodynamic Haiku: My spaceship is green With three flashing neon lights. Come away with me!