Fortuitous Fuzz

Well, it’s the nature of the season. I have made a plush rabbit. If you go poke around on Etsy you’ll find all sorts of rabbits abounding like . . . well, rabbits. Here’s my version. It’s a nod to my original FuzzyBottom design, but entirely new. Rabbits love carrots, right? I’m tickled over this … More Fortuitous Fuzz


Plucked from the depth of Amazonia, comes my newest creation – The Topiary! Once-feral shrubbery, gone tame. With berries! A Poisonous Haiku: Harvest my berries. Mix up toxic concoctions For your enemies. This is another piece, like the screamer, that I threw together for fun. It reminds me of the illustrations from a series of … More Horticulture

Hoot and Holler.

Yell, scream, shriek, howl, caterwaul. However you choose to do it – sometimes it is a good idea. Just for fun. Enjoy! A Gaping Maw Hiaku: I tripped in the woods And accidentally ate A squirrel for lunch.


Preview! I am not going to tell you what this is. But I’ll be posting a ton of pictures as soon as my shiny new hard drive arrives in the mail. (Tomorrow?) But just to give you a taste of what’s to come . . . What on Earth could it be?