Captain Vegetable

This one does love her veggies. A rabbit, a bunny, whatever you feel like. A hare, perhaps? A jackelope? Here’s the fuzzy-bottom! In a killer shade of purple. Complete with the signature heart. A Fuzzy Rabbit Haiku: Once, at the circus You sat on my funnel cake, But I forgive you.

The Walrus Maggot

A close relative of the Common Domestic Maggot, this more rare, more dangerous species was only recently discovered. Part walrus, part worm, 100% fascinating! A Walrus Maggot Haiku: When you’re not looking I’ll sneak into your shower, And nibble the soap. This little critter is much smaller than the other maggot – at about 5 … More The Walrus Maggot

Lock Your Doors!

Daaaa…..dum. Daaa…..dum. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! It’s a giant Googly-Eyed Monster! Doesn’t it look like he’s trampling tall buildings? He’s extra-dangerous, too, because he has such horrible depth perception. (It’s the googly-thing.) Here he is lounging on the couch after a long day of squashing things. Side view, for the full Googly-Eyed effect. A Googly-Eyed Haiku: Oh my! … More Lock Your Doors!


The Green Elephant.     A Green Elephant Haiku: I don’t like peanuts. If you feed me too many I’ll expectorate!  Brush up on your elephant history by acquainting yourself with Jumbo the Elephant. Ever wonder where that word came from? It’s a stirring tale.  This piece is for my sister, at special request. I hope she … More Jumbo!