The Anomaly

For some reason I thought it was spelled “anomale”. This piece is the first tiny step in a new direction for me. It is the first, practice version of a piece I have designed to be much more grandiose, but don’t have the time to finish right now. Imagine elaborate beadwork. The rear view. I … More The Anomaly

Bitten and Smitten

Here’s a piece I did for the Department Show. Back to work! (I have so much more to sew – and the clock is ticking!) A bit romantic, isn’t it? A Cherubic Haiku: If you stand too close I’ll pierce you through the heart with Arrows of desire.

Cabbages and Kings

Well, the St. Louis Crammed Organisms trip was a real eye-opener. The caliber of work they had on display was impressive, to say the least. Some of the pieces I saw were so innovative, creative, and different, it made me reconsider my entire plush philosophy. Here’s the bottom line: I am proud of what I’ve … More Cabbages and Kings

The Needle

A collaborative plush experience. I am now a member! How exciting! Also, heading to St. Louis tomorrow for the Crammed Organisms Book Release! Yes! I’ll take lots of pictures. Check back Sunday!


Soo….when you make a maggot that is big and round in the middle, and little on the ends, you run into one main problem: Its legs don’t touch the ground! I guess we can overlook that one impracticality, when you consider that real maggots don’t have legs at all. But what a looker, eh? Taha … More Cackalack-y


The Quadrille! (Because square dancing was the best day in middle school PE) I believe precious is the word most befitting this piece. And unfortunately, as much as I struggled, the pictures do not do it justice. It’s adorable! (And available for purchase in my Etsy Shop) Part 2 of the grand wattle experiment! The … More Do-Se-Do!

The Rhomboid

Well, okay. It’s not a rhomboid. But it’s pretty geometrical, and, well, another fortuitous mistake. And, you know, whenever I hear the word “rhomboid” I always think of square-dancing. Unusual? With White Wattle: A bit of a fatty from the side: A Geometric Haiku: “Don’t be so pointy,” It said as it rolled away. I … More The Rhomboid

The Nautiloid

That’s actually a word! A great one, at that. Behold, the slightly horrifying, wonderment-inducing beast of the ocean! The horror! The underbelly of the beast! Whatever you do, do not mention the likeness it bears to a chicken! It will crush you instantly with its Tarantula Fangs! A Nautiloid Haiku: Tiny green plankton Festooned between … More The Nautiloid