Well, I’m back. I made it through my first “big” show, and it was a success!


(check out the booth next to me with the umbrellas – that was a craft show first for me!)

All the pieces of the puzzle seemed to come together at the last moment – despite my nerves. I found some crates and shelves, some thrift store fabric for the table (which will be made into plush shortly), and I had the banner custom made through Etsy (of course!). I just let the plush do the rest.


Please touch! I think this helped break the ice with more than one shopper. I wanted my table to be welcoming to all – plush is made for touching!

The keychains hung out front and center and got a lot of attention. If you’re still looking to pick one up for yourself, they should be available in my shop later today.


I did contend with some kooky characters and a lot of strange comments about my pieces. One man wanted to know, “What does it dooooo?” and another held up one of my Lumberjack Grizzlies and asked “What is the purpose?” (Isn’t it obvious!) I just shrugged and smiled. Someone thought my potatoes were peanuts. Some people thought my maggots were trees. Everyone seemed to think the Spawn were teeth. You know what I said to them? Yes! Sure! Whatever you want! If you want to snuggle with a giant tooth, then yes! Why the hell not?


I was surprised and tickled pink by the whole thing. I learned a TON and hung out with some crafty heavy-hitters (I bought some great soap from these people). I can’t wait for my next show! Thanks to all of you who helped me out last weekend – you know who you are! I couldn’t have done it without your help.

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