I made it out of fleece!

That’s right – it’s a dreidel! It only has two sides, so it boasts only a Nun and a He (transliteration of these two Hebrew letters) and not the Shin or Gimel (two other Hebrew letters). Anyone unfamiliar with this fun Chanukah game can read about it here.

It’s funny, I know, but I put a nice little loop on the top of it, for easy hanging and holiday decoration. It looks a bit like an ornament, and no one should be discouraged from using it as one! I plan on making a full four-sided 3-D version pretty soon, so check back in for that one.

Here’s another fun project I whipped up today. It’s teeny tiny – only 2 inches per side. Don’t you love the ribbon?

I’ll put both of these holiday tchotchkes up for sale in my Etsy shop today, if you’re interested. Snatch them up before they’re gone!

And don’t forget to submit those haikus to win some free plush here – Wednesday is the deadline! I’ve loved all the entries so far!

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