How Romantic! (And other Dinosaurs)

Here’s a look at the most romantic Valentine’s Day card I’ve ever received. Thanks, Ian!

Original artwork by Alex Kosakowski

Pterodactyl Pants Card

This Dino is one of my latest creations, and the inspiration for it came from all over. It closely resembles a dino plush I had as a young kid, but it has some new twists. Ian suggested I give it a Tummy-Pocket, as in, an actual pouch inside the plush that one could put their entire hand in. So I did. It was pretty tough, take a look:


As you can see, we’ve stumbled across him in the middle of his dinner! Let’s sneak up for a closer look…

Dino Mouthfull

He’s eating a little man! Awesome. (This one is really fun, now that it’s all finished.)

Dino Indigestion

(Looks like he’s got a tummy-ache, right?)

Enjoy! More to come soon!

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