Input Device Interface

To my delight, I have recently been commissioned to create a Mega-Plush-XBox-Controller. Making this has been a challenge and a BLAST. I had to tackle the tricky 3d design of the body, and then I had to devise the best method of adding all the intricate details.

For example:




And perhaps the trickiest:




You have to look real closely at that one to see all the embroidery work. I tried to keep this piece as accurate and identical to the real thing as I could.

I used felt for this project – the first time in my artistic career. It opens so many doors for detail work, and am kicking myself for not having tried it sooner. It may not be as soft as fleece, but it so much more versatile.

Here’s the finished

Don’t forget the Haiku contest is going on until Sunday night! Get yours in right now and win the adorable pink piggy you see below.

3 thoughts on “Input Device Interface

    1. Thank you, Wesley! Unfortunately, I don’t work from patterns – all of my work is one of a kind! I can always make another one, if you’d like one of your own, though. Let me know!


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