Dabbling in PterodactylPants Once Again

And this month’s spectacular-Haiku-Contest-giveaway-winner is . . .

Marija Cilia!!! With this tasty tidbit:

I look lethargic
But you’ll find I’m wide awake…
If you disturb me!

It’s catchy and all too true. Don’t disturb sleepy fish! Congratulations, Marija! The Orange Roughy is all yours.

The rest of you will have to sit tight until next month for another chance to win a PterodactylPants original. (Or just take a stroll through my shop!) In the meantime, you can see more of me here. Dabbled.org has featured my Xbox controller.

And here:


That’s a photo of my brand new niece enjoying her custom-made plush veggie mobile! She is SO ADORABLE.

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