The Cubicorn

AKA – Gutsy Unicorn attempt #2!


(forgive the funny background, I’d have a hell of a time getting those fluffy white wings to show up against my lightbox.)

It’s 3D, and it’s adorable. It has a little keyring so you can attach it to just about anything – you can take it with you everywhere! And it’s SMILING! Success? Not quite yet. I’m still not satisfied with the design. I think I need to tweak a few things (embroidery on the horn, wing placement, add some little feet on the bottom) but I’m that much closer than I was yesterday. And I feel a WORLD better. I am trudging through the mire of crafty unicornery, but I will prevail!

A Haiku for Those Struggling with Mythical Creatures:

Mere Hooves, Horns, and Wings

Loom nightmarish before you.

Stitch them together!

cube-unicorn-1 cube-unicorn-2

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